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Welcome to The Artistry Course, presented by Nebraska Ballet Theatre & School. 

The Artistry Course is a series of 4 weeks of pre-recorded online dance educational lessons for all ages.

The Artistry Course has 3 levels - Primary Program, Foundations Program, and Artistry Program.

Why choose The Artistry Course?

Courses are designed to be user-friendly to watch on your schedule with

options to play through the entire week's lesson or jump to specific sections. 

Lessons focus on age-appropriate,

safe activities that develop a love of dance

with a new theme each week!

Unique variety of activities keep students active while developing strength, technique, musicality, dancer wellness, and creativity!

Course Descriptions

Course Programs



Recommend for dancers up to 7 years old

Our Primary Program will guide the beginning dancer on an interactive dance and musical journey. Dancers will learn basic technique, musicality, and enjoy themed art projects designed to expand on their dance education experience.

Recommended for dancers up to 7 years old.


Recommend for dancers 7 to 12

Our Foundations Program is designed to build fundamentals for progressing dancers. Through this course, dancers will explore their own style through lessons in technique, strength, and conditioning. Lessons will also focus on improvisation, goal-setting, musicality, dance history, and other creative activities.

Recommended for dancers 7 to 12 years old.

Paiton_NBTS (1).jpg


Recommend for dancers 12 and older

Our Artistry Program is focused on developing an understanding of the principles of artistry, technique, and education. This course will focus on technique details while encouraging students to challenge themselves with new ideas in order to grow as movement artists.


In addition to dance exercises, students will explore topics such as dance psychology, music exploration, nutrition for dancers, arts, and audition skills.

Recommended for dancers 12 and older.

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